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As a parent you will have concerns and hopes for your child. If your child is not developing like their typical peers, you are likely to be all the more anxious and worried. But don’t worry, help is at hand.


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Progressive Milestones Center have been specifically established to revolutionize the way therapy is available for children with special needs – holistic inter-disciplinary therapy with world class facilities and equipment, a unique therapy administration and service implementation system, and most importantly,


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Progressive Milestones Dr chitra sankar’s centre for child development and early intervention 294/1, 7th Cross, (Near New Shanti Sagar Hotel), above corporation Bank, first floor, Domlur Layout, Bangalore, 560071. Call Now : 080 – 41429841


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Whatever the age of the child, talk to him / her frequently Talk about a variety of different things Encourage your child to ask questions and help him / her find answers Introduce the joy of books and reading early


“Know more about your preterm baby’s neurodevelopmental follow up” Babies born before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy are called premature or preterm. They may be born anytime between 24 weeks to 37 weeks. The earlier a baby is born more


Wondering If You Should Consult a Doctor About Your Child’s Development? Dear parent, given below are some critical milestones of child development. At the ages given 75 to 90% of children have achieved the given milestone. If your child is