Wondering If You Should Consult a Doctor About Your Child’s Development?

Dear parent, given below are some critical milestones of child development. At the ages given 75 to 90% of children have achieved the given milestone. If your child is lagging behind at these ages for any of the milestones, do consult your doctor.

  • Responds to sounds – 2mo
  • Social smile by 2 – 3 mo
  • Visual tracking and coordination by 3 mo
  • Steady head control by 5 mo
  • Rolling over by 7 mo
  • Hand to hand transfer of toys by 7mo
  • Steady sitting with good coordination by 8 mo
  • ‘Mama, dada’ babbling by 9 mo
  • Rising to sit by 9 mo
  • Grasp of small objects using the tips of thumb and index finger by 10mo
  • Independent standing by 12 mo
  • Pointing with index finger by 12mo
  • Response to name by 12 mo
  • Independent steps by 15 mo
  • Meaningful single words by 16mo
  • 2 word phrases by 24mo