Friends, I am happy to finally start a Child Development Centre.

This has been a long cherished dream of mine. I am putting together a great team for early intervention. We will be able to manage young children, toddlers with various types of developmental delays. Have a paediatric physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a clinical psychologist at present. Looking for a good speech therapist. Hopefully will be able to add one to our team soon. When I see people running from place A for occupational therapy to place B for speech therapy and then take the child to preschool……it would be so much easy for everyone to have all the services under one roof.

I held the first inaugural workshop for parents on 22/10/2014 from here. it is great to have my own space. It gives me freedom to hold workshops, spend more time with parents and coordinate services better.

I am still stuck for a good name for my CDC. Until I find a good name, it will be called Dr Chitra Sankar’s CDC.


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