Some preschool activities for children 2 and a half to 3 and a half years old:

Child development takes place in several domains simultaneously.

Physical milestones such as walking, running, jumping, climbing steps up and down independently, riding a tricycle are some of the skills that child routinely practices and masters.

To develop these skills, take the child to the park, to play in the playground, play ball, and allow them to be independent and explore within the limits of safety and security. Some falls and bruises are common. But do not over protect them and keep them indoors all the time, which will hinder the development of skills. By exercising their muscles they become more skilled physically. Swimming is another good exercise

Fine motor skills.

This involves using hands and fingers in good coordination to use two hands together and coordination with the hands and eye. Not only do they develop hand to hand and hand to eye coordination, it also develops concentration, attention span, focus and task completion. Good fine motor skills help children to develop a normal pencil grip and helps in writing.

Play with play dough, cutting with play dough with pizza cutter, make holes in the dough with fingers, pinching small portions off the dough, making it into small balls, making different shapes, decorating with stickers, painting, coloring,

Peg boards, opening and closing containers of different sizes and shapes, threading beads, pasting, sticking, using toy tools, fitting together objects, making simple models with blocks are some activities that children enjoy.

Support your preschool child’s development: Part 1

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