Language, speech and vocabulary
This is perhaps the most important area for preschool children to adapt well in school. Good language comprehension and speech helps in understanding the school routine, taking instructions from the teacher, interacting and playing with other children, communicating and expressing feelings, needs and dealing with different situations appropriately. Some children who are speech delayed may get very frustrated when they are unable to communicate well and may become aggressive or withdrawn.

Speak to your child more.

Improve vocabulary. Introduce new words; use them often.

Listen attentively when the child tries to communicate.

Read books together. Increase sentence length.

Play nursery rhymes. Play rhyming word games.

Play word guessing games such as ‘I have four legs, I say bow bow’ who am I”

Narrating simple stories, sequencing stories in pictures.

Talk about pictures and family photographs birthday party photos, recent holiday trips and vacations are good examples to use, as children like to talk about familiar events.

Using pictures and photographs help their understanding and comprehension.

Support your preschool child’s development: Part 2

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