Self help skills

When a child reaches the age for preschool, some self help skills help child to adjust better.

Feeding self, to eat small snacks, drink from a cup, put away belongings, tidying up, going to toilet, washing and drying hands, removing shoes, sweater or coat are some skills that can be practiced at home.

Some children will be able to do these fast. Others may take a longer time to learn. In any case busy working parents may find it easier to do everything for the child to save time. But it will not be best for the child as it delays skill development
Cognitive skills

These are thinking skills that involve memory, attention span, problem solving, general understanding, and reasoning. Simple concepts develop into more complex ideas this begins at birth and continues throughout childhood.

Some activities for cognitive development:

Matching objects, shapes, pictures, identifying and knowing the functions of objects, sorting, (all red colors in this box, all cars in that box, all balls together)

Size concept of big and small, shapes concepts

Simple quantity (more, less), counting upto 3 to 5

One to one correspondence, (one cup for one saucer, one banana for each person at home, one plate and one spoon, one hole in the peg board and one peg) arrange by size, (small, smaller, smallest), simple patterns (one orange, one banana, one orange, one babana,——-red, green, red, green, red———-)

Simple puzzles three to five piece puzzles and more

This enables child to sit for longer periods, pay attention, complete activity and stay focused

Support your preschool child’s development: Part 3

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