Every day hundreds of opportunities occur or happen through out the day that can be converted into small teaching opportunities. Keep an eye out for them and utilize them and you will soon become an expert at recognizing these opportunities.

You spend so many hours and do many things with your child everyday. Some of the routines that you and your child do together are

Feeding the child
Giving bath or shower time
Dressing and undressing
Brushing teeth
Changing diaper
Going out for walk
Snack time
Play time
Tidying up
Putting to bed

These are some examples. They may be other routines that you and your family do together.

In each of these routines have a small goal or teaching point. For example, when you are going out, you can use word like ‘get your shoe’ Use these words frequently during the routine. If your child is unable to understand or does not respond, then you can use an action or gesture with the word to help child understand.

Playtime is another routine. Join the child in play. If child is playing with ball, join the play. Roll the ball to the child, say ‘roll the ball’ or throw the ball, play ball’ etc.

Once the child has understood and follows the word or gesture consistently, add another task within the routine and use both frequently. Repetition is key. Repetition helps in wiring the brain and strengthens and consolidates the learning in the brain. But do not bore the child by simply making him repeat again and again without purpose or goal. Embed the activity in meaningful contexts and situations. Make it interesting for the child. As the child learns, give immediate feedback by praise, ‘good job’, ‘yes, that is correct,’ broad smile etc to motivate child.

Teaching opportunities with your toddler with communication difficulties

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